Sliding Panels

Shading Specialists offer a wide and varied range of Sliding Panels from leading manufacturers such as Silent Gliss, Diaz, Lutron & SHY, these include: –

  • Chain Operated Sliding Panels
  • Crank Operated Sliding Panels
  • Electrically Operated Sliding Panels

There are various different fabrics to choose from with each manufacturer and we can also laminate your own fabric onto a roller blind.

Our advice by manufacturer

Silent Gliss Sliding Panels

either 2700, 2730, 2640, 2650 – each code represents a different product.  Silent Gliss are known as a reliable, very high end and designer system throughout the industry and the world. There is a range of chain, spring, battery and electrically operated Sliding Panels. Silent Gliss’s range of chain, crank and electric Sliding Panels can be either operated by a wall switch or remote control. The electric blinds can also be integrated into AV Home Automation systems, as the motors are 240 volt, you MUST put a 4 core mains cable in at each window you want a product (one 4 core cable per product) which must go back to the AV Rack Room.

Diaz Sliding Panels

PTS System – Shading Specialists Exclusively represent Diaz across the United Kingdom and Ireland, Diaz are a competitor in the mid-high end market. The product is exceptionally cost effective and the fabric range vast.

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